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Con to the question "Should Abortion Be Legal?"

“The claim that preborn children are part of women’s bodies flies in the face of modern science. Preborn children are dependent upon their mothers, but they are not part of them. They have their own blood type, bone structure, and genetic code. In fact, the notion that the preborn is part of the mother would result in inane conclusions—such as the mother having four arms, four legs, and, in the case of a preborn boy, even male genitalia.

We also know there are limits to ‘choice.’ The autonomy of any one person does not permit her to infringe on the rights of, or endanger, another. For example, the right of a man to do what he wants with his body does not permit him to rape women. And a woman’s right to do what she wants with her hands ends when she uses them to drown her children.

Choice, then, is not absolute. Indeed, some choices are wrong: rape, murder, abuse, etc. Since we would not allow a mother to kill her born children by choice, we must not permit her to kill her preborn children for the same reason.”

“FAQs about Abortion,” (accessed Apr. 28, 2017)


“Created Equal was inspired by Mark Harrington’s vision of human rights defenders uniting to achieve collectively far more than one person… Needing a model to give direction to the vision, Mark turned to stories from the Freedom Rides of the 1960s. Reading and watching testimonies of men and women—black and white—boarding buses together to expose racism, he sketched out a plan for our first Justice Ride. Our Justice Rides transform students from across the nation into a family of preborn defenders. Like the Freedom Riders, we’re focusing the attention of America on injustice—this time, it’s the ageism of abortion, by which young humans are killed daily for reasons we would not permit the killing of older (born) humans.”

“Our Story,” created (accessed May 15, 2017)


“Abortion victims cannot plead their case, but they can be seen on our signs. We pair images of abortion victims with our staff and volunteers trained for dialogue in order to reach students on high school and college campuses.

These students have abortions. Further, many of them are future decision-makers of our nation. With visual evidence and conversational tools, our team presents to them the case that abortion is a breach of human equality they should oppose.

Once they’ve seen the victims and heard a compelling case for equality, many students are honest enough to readily admit their previous position on abortion was wrong.”

“Campus Outreach,” (accessed May 11, 2017)

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