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National Abortion Federation (NAF) Biography

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“The ability to access safe and legal abortion has been critical for many women as they seek to define and live their lives with dignity. Honoring women means honoring their choices, including the choice of whether and when to have children. Women are capable of making intelligent and conscientious decisions about their own lives and families.


Women deserve the autonomy and dignity to act in accordance with their personal convictions, and to decide what is best for their own lives and families. Women should be trusted and respected to exercise the choices about their bodies and lives that are best for them, and not be forced by the government into personal reproductive decisions that are against their will.”

“Pro-Choice and Proud,” (accessed Apr. 27, 2010)


“The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the professional association of abortion providers in North America. We believe that women should be trusted to make private medical decisions in consultation with their health care providers. NAF currently offers quality training and services to abortion providers and unbiased information and referral services to women.”

“About NAF,” (accessed May 10, 2010)


“The mission of the National Abortion Federation is to ensure safe, legal, and accessible abortion care to promote health and justice for women. Our work supports these three fundamental aspects of our mission: Safe – NAF provides our members with the education and professional support they need to provide the highest quality abortion care. Legal – NAF provides the medical, provider, and patient perspectives in debates about abortion policies. Accessible – NAF provides women with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their pregnancies.”

“About NAF,” (accessed May 10, 2010)

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